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Nov 01

Our Barn!

We’re working hard on getting our barn completed by the New Year. To help us do that we are bringing back a new rendition of a program that has helped us greatly in the past: 400 for $10

Here is our request:

A donation of just $10, from each of 400 people for a total of $4000.00! Do it for yourself as a tax deductible donation, and then do it in someone else’s name as a holiday gift! They’ll receive a thank you card and you and they will be mentioned in our next Newsletter.

Nov 01

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
It’s that time again! Summer has come and gone and the cold, rainy weather of our Pacific Northwest home again knocks at our doors. We hope you had a beautiful summer filled with fun, laughter and loved ones.

As the rains and the winds return we have several essential tasks around the sanctuary that need some able and willing hands to tend to them. Thank you for all the support you give, whether it be through physical labor, financial support, or just plain moral support, we appreciate your willingness to stick with us. We appreciate each of you!

StillPointe Llamas

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