Due to the great need in the llama and alpaca communities at this time our facilities are quite full. Therefore we accept animals only on a limited/emergency basis. After contacting us, if we cannot help you, please contact one or all of the following organizations for assistance:

SWLR -Southwest Llama Rescue – http://southwestllamarescue.org/

LANA LIFELINE – http://www.llamainfo.org/

SELR – Southeast Llama Rescue – http://www.southeastllamarescue.org/

StillPointe Sanctuary is an always growing/evolving organization of people and critters…there are for the most part only two people (Chela and Mark), who do all the work and live with the llamas – and goats, and dogs and cats and sheep – with no doubt more to come.

There are some ongoing volunteers who help regularly and then there are those who come and go and are “on call”. Daily activities include the usual never-ending chores looking out for the welfare of the animals. So far we have been able to laugh more than we cry and go with the flow of life on the farm.

When the generator quits, the well freezes, the shelters blow down, trees fall on the fences, the place is so deep in mud or the snow, or rain is coming down so hard we can’t see a few feet ahead of us, we rant a good bit, but then realize it’s only this moment that is “bad”. When it’s all over we still have these beautiful animals and a lovely spot in a scenic and peaceful part of the country. We have a lot of support from many wonderful people and, most of all, we have this work that we love.

When someone like “Kernel” one of our surprise crias shows up and we get to raise him and know that he won’t end up as a neglected or abused llama, we just thank the Universe and keep on.


We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away." - Plutarch