Our Llamas & Other Animals

Our population changes over time. We usually have 20-25 llamas at any one time (not counting those who are fostered out). Currently we have 22 llamas, 5 alpacas, 5 goats, 2 sheep and 4 Guinea hens.

Here are a few of the animals we currently have living on StillPointe.

I'm a Huacaya alpaca gelding. Kernel, son of Popcorn. DOB: 11-26-2011 I'm Pacer. I love to greet people and go for walks! I'm "Gregory Hines" named after a famous tap dancer I'm "Jadz" pronounced Jad-zee. I'm "Pip" I'm 7 years old and a gelding.

Gregory Hines Llama at Vashon fundraiser 2009

Here are a few of the animals we currently have living on StillPointe. We have around 26 llamas, 5 alpaca, 5 goats, and 2 sheep – so we’ll be adding more animal photos and biographies to this section on a regular basis.


When I was born I lived at a farm where the owners were interested only in “fancy” llamas with lots of long wool and the “correct” body structure.

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I now get to be with the herd and have become quite a well-behaved guy.

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I used to be a 4H llama and had lots of fun with the kids, but my person grew older, went away to college and left me with her folks.

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I was born at StillPointe Llama Sanctuary on November 26, 2011. My Mom’s name is “Popcorn”, so I’m her “Kernel”.

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Rusty Nail

I’m a Huacaya Alpaca. That means I’m fluffy like a teddy bear.

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Sponsor/Adopt a Llama or Alpaca

Your sponsorship helps provide food and veterinary care for your sponsored llama, alpaca and his/her herd. Your donation goes toward their feed, medical bills and general care. When you “sponsor/adopt” one of these animals you will receive a “Certificate of Adoption”, a brief written history, and a photo of the animal.

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We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away." - Plutarch