donHi, I’m Don…

I used to be a 4H llama and had lots of fun with the kids, but my person grew older, went away to college and left me with her folks. They didn’t want to take care of me so they sent me to live on a farm with a woman who raised sheep, rabbits, chickens, llamas and alpacas.

Well, I guess she meant well, but she didn’t feed us very often and the pastures were full of dung all year and mud and dung in the winter. We all got pretty thin. We llamas went “rangy” – – in other words we pitched a fit when it was time for toenail trims, shots and such! We were not at all happy and didn’t want to be handled by someone who didn’t care how we felt.

One day a neighbor, a llama owner who knew how to treat us, asked our keeper if she would let me and my buddy, Guido, go to another farm (StillPointe) where we could be well taken care of and no longer be a burden to her. Fortunately, she said “yes”! That was about 8 years ago. We are very happy! We get to play with the other geldings and loaf around whenever we want. All our needs are met. Best of all, we are fed regularly and well!

Thanks for sponsoring me and helping to make it possible for me to stay at StillPointe. My retirement will be a long and happy one.


We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away." - Plutarch