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During 2015 we have been more than a little overwhelmed with new animals, several deaths and injuries and a lack of volunteer help. Therefore we have written no newsletters, taken part in only a couple of small events and generally fallen way behind on our communication with the “outside world”. We are picking up the pieces and attempting to fill in the gaps so that we can spend more time taking care of our responsibility to stay in touch with those of you who have helped us over the years.

Briefly, here is where we are: the barn is built and usable, but needs gutters, wiring and lights, staining/painting throughout and on the exterior. There is an ongoing GoFundMe account still available to take donations if you’d like to help out with the expenses. We will be doing a great deal of the work ourselves. We intend to put together more work parties, but hesitate to ask for volunteers during the nasty weather. November 28th we had a wonderful day with a 4H group from Belfair, WA led by Mendy Harlow. They managed to get all the shelters cleaned of old hay and poo and helped to put some Quonset shelters into better shape for winter. We were so impressed with the hard work and focus those young people (and their parents) exhibited! We’re very grateful!

Heading into the New Year we will continue our work for and love of the llamas and other critters we care for. We will also do our best to be more visible for their sake.

We wish you all a warm and loving Holiday Season and invite you to keep thinking of us and following our progress. Without your help we could not continue this work.

Blessings and Namaste!
Chela, Mark and the Llamas of StillPointe


We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away." - Plutarch