I met Chela about 9 years ago at a workshop on llama care and handling knowing nothing about Stillpointe sanctuary. Needless to say I not only learned more in 2 days than in a couple of years prior to this meeting i also was totally won over to the philosophy of Stillpointe. I am trying to use a similar approach at my own llama sanctuary and incorporating everything I learned from Chela with all my animals, including horses and goats.

*Mirjam White, Doolittle’s Place (Tonasket, WA)*

I can’t think of any two people that are more dedicated, passionate, and humane when it comes to caring for and nurturing llamas without a home. They not only care for their physical needs but show their love and compassion on a daily basis. They do their unending chores as if it is a gift to them to be there. Stillpointe is definitely a safe haven for these otherwise forgotten or displaced creatures.

*Cindy and Dave Fairbrook, (Olympia, WA)*

She may be a petite woman, but her heart, spirit and soul is larger than anyone can imagine. I have always been more than honored to consider her a friend. She does what she does quietly, without fanfare and unfortunately with nowhere near the kind of support she deserves. What she has forgotten about how to care for llamas and meet all kinds of special needs is more than I imagine I will ever know. She stands amidst a group of very special people to the entire llama community. Should she ever find a need to step aside from her labor of love there are few who could come close to filling even one much less both of her shoes. Good for the Sun for sharing just a touch about a tiny woman doing GREAT things.

*Gary Kaufman, Kitsap Sun Article – read the full article*

A few years ago, my husband surprised me with a llama for Christmas. My adopted llama was Starman and it wasn’t long after that we went to visit Stillpointe so we could meet him. When we first got to the Sanctuary we were greeted with dozens of curious llamas wanting to see the new people. We also met Chela and Mark, two of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve ever met! When finally meeting Starman we were told that he was rescued from an abusive environment and that he was going to be very timid and shy with people. My husband and I tried a few times to feed him but he was afraid to take food from our hands. After only a few visits and spending time with him he now comes up to us when we arrive and LOVES when we bring him food. His favorite is strawberries:) I feel a bond with him that people would share with their dogs and cats at home. He’s a very special llama.

Being around the Sanctuary with all the amazing creatures that have a loving home and a second chance has changed my life. This place gives me hope that all animals in need will find a place like Stillpointe.

*Lisa Jarvis (Tofino, BC)*

bq. Chela and Stillpointe have been helping us ever since we unexpectedly brought our rescued llama home from Eastern Washington along with a pregnant mare. We knew nothing about llamas and had no idea we were going to be rescuing one. Stillpointe has helped us with shearing, medical issues, fencing and even found us a lovely friend for our llama. We’re extremely grateful!

*Don and Annie Betts (Sequim, WA)*

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chela Grey and Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary for the past several years. We have shared llama rescues together and I consider Chela a llama’s best friend! I have 9 llamas of my own but when I want llama advice, including veterinary care, I know that Chela is the person I can count on for accurate information. When there is a llama in need, or at risk, Chela is the one who will go the extra mile to make sure that animal is rescued. I value her friendship and treasure our rescue relationship.

*Michael Andersen, Crooked Creek Ranch Sanctuary (Ellensburg, WA)*

As a farm animal sanctuary founder myself, I am eternally grateful to Chela for sharing her llama expertise—and her peacock in one instance—with us. She is a calm and competent partner to have in this sometimes difficult work of helping animals, often along with their guardians. And she has only one “agenda:” do what is best for the animals. StillPointe reflects her values and her agenda. Chela, thanks for being here for all of us.

*Glenda Pearson, co-founder, BaaHaus Animal Rescue Group (Vashon Island, Washington)*

Chela has an incredible understanding of llamas, and her StillPointe facilities and personal efforts are testimony to her passion for these unique animals. I have 2 of Chela’s llamas that I use for packing – both of which she identified as having the potential to be quality pack animals. Boy was she right! Thank you Chela for all you have done over the years to save those many llamas and provide a safe and secure home for them!

*Pat Frable (Carnation, Washington)*


We ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household belongings, which when worn with use we throw away." - Plutarch